Raceseng Tug View GoPro Mount for Tug System

Raceseng Tug View GoPro Mount for Tug System

Product information


This product is ONLY the Tug View GoPro Mount. It does not include the Tug Ring or the Tug Shaft System.

Raceseng was started by a father and son team out of Pennsylvania. Dirt track racers. Real racers. Over time they grew from fabricating parts for their personal racecars, to machining suspension parts for World Speed Challenge Corvettes. Today their business focuses on machining and fabricating the best "small goods" for cars on the market with world-class Haas machinery.

The Tug View attaches to your existing Tug Ring Tow Hook System. Its ingenious design means that you can mount your GoPro in a fantastic position for track footage while still having full use of your Tow Hook. Chances are you won't need the Tow Hook because you are the reincarnation of Juan Manuel Fangio. So why not put that real estate to good use? The Tug View works with any GoPro case with a dual ear mount and the camera angle is adjustable. Sorry friends, this will not work with the Raceseng Tow Strap system.

  • 6061 billet aluminum construction
  • CNC machined for precise fitment
  • Black anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Stainless steel hardware - no corrosion, y'all


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