Racing Brake 2-piece Rear Rotors (335x21) - Model 3 Performance

Racing Brake OEM Replacement Rear Rotors - Model 3/Y Performance (Rear)

Product information

RB-2623 ⚡ $1,210.00


RacingBrake has been providing quality brake replacement components for the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years. RB primarily develops private label products for major brake companies and national wholesalers. This development expertise allows them to design and manufacture pads, rotors, and caliper upgrades for any application. While not known as a "major brand", by buying "factory direct" RB can provide the best brake products at great prices.

RacingBrake makes direct replacement 2-piece slotted rotors for the Model 3 Performance. At 21mm, this rotor is 1mm thicker than the OE rear rotor for extra thermal capacity. Weighing in at ~12.5 lbs, they shave nearly a pound and a half of unsprung weight off of the OEM rotors. The RB rotors also feature an electro-deposition paint (EDP) coating to prevent corrosion and maintain a sleek black look as an added benefit. You can read more about RacingBrake rotors here.

The accompanying replacement ring for this rotor hat is Racing Brake part D404-01. This listing is for Model 3 Performance front rotors. The front rotors can be found here.

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