Racing Brake XT970 - Model 3 Performance (Rear)

Racing Brake XT970 Track Pads - Model 3/Y Performance (Rear)

Product information

RB-PDM3PR-397 ⚡ $232.10


RacingBrake has been providing quality brake replacement components for the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years. RB primarily develops private label products for major brake companies and national wholesalers. This development expertise allows them to design and manufacture pads, rotors, and caliper upgrades for any application. While not known as a "major brand", by buying "factory direct" RB can provide the best brake products at great prices.

If you have ever searched for brake pads for the Model 3 Performance, you will notice that both the front and rear pad shape appears to be unique to the vehicle. This is where RacingBrake's manufacturing expertise comes in. Most brands will attempt to take an existing pad shape and immediately add a product fitment, but it can take years before they develop an offering for a niche fitment. RacingBrake is ahead of the game and they have already created pad fitments for this relatively limited production vehicle.

The RacingBrake Motorsports Compounds were developed to handle the toughest track braking conditions. All of RB's Motorsports Compounds can deliver consistent brake torque, are excellent in modulation, and highly resistant to wear. They are friendly to rotors with easy to clean brake dust. The XT970 is RacingBrake's track-oriented brake pad compound. They feature a medium initial bite with high friction and brake torque. This listing is for the rear pads on the Model 3 Performance. Front XT970 pads can be found here.

Note: The XT970 compound is not meant for street use as they will exhibit higher levels of dust and possibly noise. For RacingBrake's street oriented pad see the XT910.

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