Titan 7 T-CS5 - 18x9.5 5x114.3 +40 - Model 3 Performance - Iridium Silver

Titan 7 T-CS5 Forged 10-Spoke - 18x9.5 - Model 3/Y Fitment

Product information


Titan 7 has burst on to the scene as a popular wheel option amongst the track day crowd. They boast over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry with experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and aftermarket supply. Their mission is to make Titan 7 forged wheels a brand that anyone can buy and be proud of. FORGED FOR ALL.

The T-CS5 is a fully forged wheel designed completely with performance in mind. Forged with up to 12,000 tons of industry leading force to give you a high performance wheel that is incredibly strong while giving you all of the performance you need in a track focused wheel. The wheel features a rigid spoke tracer which strategically adds wheel rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. Each wheel from Titan 7 features traction improving bead seat knurling, beefed up inner rim flanges for durability and strength, and logo machined accents. All Titan 7 wheels are durability tested according to various government durability standards to ensure safety while you perform.

Available in Iridium Silver, Machine Black, Satin Titanium, and Techna Bronze. Price is for a set of four.


  • 18x9.5 5x114.3
  • +40mm Offset
  • 73mm Center Bore

Fitment Notes:

5mm spacers are recommended to clear the suspension uprights. The Model 3 Performance comes with a unique "stepped" hub. The outside of the hub is a fairly standard 64.1mm, but there is a 3mm step on the inner part of the hub that measures 70.1mm. The solution is to either use a 3mm spacer that pushes the wheel away from the hub or to use an overbored wheel. The T-CS5 in 18" fitment comes as a 73mm center bore. While you may choose to use hubcentric rings to aide in mounting the wheel, they are not required if you correctly torque the lug nuts.

The Project Emotiv3 shop car pairs a 18x9.5 wheel with 265/40R18 tires. For a list of potential compatible 18" tire sizes please see our guide.


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