Texas is freezing. Fires are blazing in Canada and Siberia. Tesla makes billions of dollars every year by selling carbon offset credits. Transportation accounts for about 15% of global climate-change pollution. If we internal combustion enthusiasts want to continue to bask in the glory of our V8 soundtracks, we need to embrace the inevitable.

A number of fits and starts have happened over the last hundred or so years, but the world now has the battery technology and the commitment to renewable electric power infrastructure to bring EV technology to the masses. In a couple of decades we will no longer call them EVs. Just... cars.

Emotive Engineering exists to support the revolution. Later this year we will be bringing an EV focused performance parts store to this space. Green doesn't have to be boring. With decades of experience tuning performance cars for street and track, our aim is to bring emotion to electric vehicles. The future is electric. Let's make sure it's fun to drive.