CUSCO Low Down Slope - 2-piece Lowered Car Ramps

CUSCO Low Down Slope - 2-piece Lowered Car Ramps

Product information


Since 1977, CUSCO has leveraged their experience in track racing, rally racing, dirt trials, and gymkhana to bring quality tuning parts to street cars. They are stalwart in the who's who of Japanese tuning houses.

The CUSCO Low Down Slope ramp set features a long approach angle to lift your car up high enough to fit a jack under. On top of that, they feature a 2-piece construction so that the ramp portion is easily detachable so as not to interfere with your jack placement. This is a must have for any lowered car for garage, shop, or track use.

  • Durable and lightweight ABS material
  • Rise height of 7cm (2.75")
  • 19cm (7.5") width
  • 85cm (33.5") length
  • 2-piece design for easy storage and portability


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