G-LOC Brakes GS-1 Street Brake Pads - StopTech ST-60/STR-60 BBK

G-LOC Brakes GS-1 Street Brake Pads - StopTech ST-60/STR-60 BBK

Product information


G-LOC Brakes was created by racers for racers with the sole intention of providing the highest level of performance friction materials and truly outstanding customer service in the market. Only G-LOC uses proprietary Carbon, Ceramic, Kevlar, and Metallic compound formulations. G-LOC compound formulations are some of the most disc/rotor friendly compounds offered in the world with unmatched modulation and release characteristics. Furthermore, you are less likely to boil brake fluid because of the thermal barrier created with G-LOC compounds. The same cannot be said of competitors who load up their compounds with carbon and iron.

The G-LOC GS-1 is a high-performance street compound. The GS-1 produces very little dust and very little noise, while maintaining excellent initial bite and torque. They are also amongst the most rotor and disc friendly compounds in the industry. The GS-1 operating range starts at ambient up to 426°C/800°F making it an ideal everyday pad. This listing is for GS-1 street pads for StopTech's ST-60 and STR-60 Big Brake calipers. Please note, the GS-1 compound is not meant for ANY track use. For G-LOC's track and race oriented pad, see the R12 compound for StopTech ST-60/STR-60.

Emotive Engineering is an authorized G-LOC Brakes Dealer. If you are interested in a product not listed on the website or for G-LOC Brake Pads for another vehicle, please email us at hello@emotive.engineering.


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