G-LOC Brakes R6 Autocross Brake Pads - Model 3/Y SR/LR Base

G-LOC Brakes R6 Autocross Brake Pads - Model 3/Y SR/LR Base

Product information


G-LOC Brakes was created by racers for racers with the sole intention of providing the highest level of performance friction materials and truly outstanding customer service in the market. Only G-LOC uses proprietary Carbon, Ceramic, Kevlar, and Metallic compound formulations. G-LOC compound formulations are some of the most disc/rotor friendly compounds offered in the world with unmatched modulation and release characteristics. Furthermore, you are less likely to boil brake fluid because of the thermal barrier created with G-LOC compounds. The same cannot be said of competitors who load up their compounds with carbon and iron.

G-LOC's R6 compound has been specifically engineered for Autocross applications. An ultra high cold torque compound delivering consistent performance from dead cold (0°F) up to 1000°F + (0°C to 537°C+). The advanced compound matrix provides an excellent initial bite, high coefficient of friction at lower temperatures along with very progressive brake modulation and release characteristics. The R6 compound is widely used for street use as well, but this compound will more than likely make noise and high levels of dust on the street. We spec all of our race compound pads pre-bedded from G-LOC so they are ready to race. The R6 is NOT recommended for track use.

This listing is for Autocross pads on the Model 3 Standard or Long Range. If you are looking for Track pads please see the G-LOC R12/R10 Pads. Performance Model Autocross Pads are also available.

Note: While many keep them installed full-time, the R6 compound were not meant for street use as they will exhibit higher levels of dust and noise. Regenerative braking allows these pads to stay installed between autocross weekends without the extreme squeal you may have experienced in the past on an ICE car and the R6 compound ensures you are at operating temperature. With that said, these pads may not always be completely silent. They may exhibit a low level hum which is barely noticeable or start to exhibit a few more squeaks if they have not been used in a while. A quick re-bed of the pad in to the rotor will quiet them right back down! For G-LOC's street oriented pad, see the GS-1.

Emotive Engineering is an authorized G-LOC Brakes Dealer. If you are interested in a product not listed on the website or for G-LOC Brake Pads for another vehicle, please email us at hello@emotive.engineering.


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