Nine Lives Racing - Megga and CFD V2 End-plates

Nine Lives Racing - Megga and CFD V2 End-plates

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If you have seen a large GT3 wing at a track day in the last few years it is more than likely you were looking at a Nine Lives Racing Big Wang. Most widely known for their wing kits, 9LR also specializes in splitters, diffusers, and other aerodynamic parts to help you go faster.

The story of the Big Wang starts with a prototype sports car. Nine Lives Racing founder, Johnny Cichowski, noticed while working on the prototype car that their airfoil was producing massive amounts of downforce without killing top speed. He mounted the wing on his LS-powered Miata and this wing profile has taken the track world by storm ever since. Their extruded aluminum wings are developed, patented, and built for that prototype project. Nine Lives Racing takes the airfoil and makes it readily available to the public as a bolt-on part. Featuring a 15.2:1 lift-to-drag ratio it is the best wing in its class. Nothing else comes close.

All 9LR wing kits come with a basic end-plate. It is black and measures 8" x 10". Since we racers can never leave anything alone, Nine Lives Racing offers some premium end-plate options. They are the...

Megga End-plates Yes, Megga with two gs. They measure 12" x 10x5" and are made from 6061 0.060" aluminum plate sandwiched in plastic for when you inevitably bump in to your wing. The Megga endplates increase downforce by 10%. Finished in semi-gloss black to match your wing uprights. CFD V2 End-plates

Designed with Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis for minimum drag. These plates are made from 6061 0.060" aluminum plate. The CFD V2 increases downforce by 10% while decreasing drag by 7.5%. Finished in semi-gloss black to match your wing uprights.

All items are built to order. Please allow 3 weeks for production.

Emotive Engineering is an authorized Nine Lives Racing Dealer. If you are interested in a product not listed on the website, please email us at All Nine Lives Racing kits are built to order. We seek to always have a Model 3 Big Wang Kit in stock and ready to ship, but should we run out please allow an additional 3 weeks.


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