Sparco Tesla Model 3 Seat Mount Kit

Sparco Seat Mount Kit - Model 3

Product information


Let's face it. Your OEM seats were designed for general comfort for a wide variety of body types. When it comes to performance driving, you end up expending energy and focus on keeping your body planted. An aftermarket seat is one of the best upgrades to improve your driving experience and lower lap times.

This listing is for a full kit to mount your Sparco Competition seat in to your Tesla Model 3. It includes:

  • Sparco Model 3-specific 600 Series Seat Base
  • Sparco Slider Track Set
  • Sparco Aluminum Side Mount
  • Sparco Side Mount Hardware Kit

If you would like to customize your side mount choices or exclude the sliders, please email us at to discuss your options and to receive a specialized quote.

Please Note: This item is special order and may take up to 3 months to ship.

Please specify which side the seat mount is for when ordering.


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