Wilwood EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid

Wilwood EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid

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Brake fluid is one of the most important, yet overlooked, components of your vehicle and critical to high performance driving. See our guide to choosing the right Track Day and Racing brake fluid for you.

  • Conforms to and exceeds FMVSS 116 DOT4
  • Dry Boiling Point: 330°C/626°F
  • Wet Boiling Point: 214°C/417°F
  • 500mL Plastic Bottle

Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems and components. Their products are used in many forms of motorsports, from dirt circle track and off-road, to NASCAR and road racing. One of their core abilities is the rapid development of custom engineered brake systems using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom components. The Emotive Engineering Spec Corvette runs the series standard Wilwood AERO6 Big Brake Kit and I can testify to their dedication to motorsports and assembling precision-made, affordable brake products.

Production battery EVs tout regenerative braking and "one pedal driving" as a prominent feature. Regenerative braking utilizes the vehicle's electric motor to slow the car down. While this is great for energy reuse and saving brake consumables, the factory fill brake fluid is not up to the task of spirited driving. Given the massive amount of friction necessary to slow down the weight of a modern EV, it is easy to overheat the OEM fluid leading to loss of pedal feel or, worse yet, serious brake failure.

Wilwood EXP 600 Plus is the same high-temp racing brake fluid used in NASCAR, IRL, CART, ASA, IndyCar, SCCA, SCORE, NHRA, and a whole world of other oval, off-road, and road course racecars. At 330°C/626°F, EXP 600 features an extremely high dry boiling point and represents one of the highest value dollar per boiling point brake fluids on the market. As a dual purpose fluid that does not get bled every weekend, EXP 600's slow water vapor absorption and 214°C/417°F wet boiling point makes it an ideal track/street car fluid. Sold in a 500mL plastic bottle.


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