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Introducing: Project Emotiv3

Model 3 acquired. My story of owning a Tesla actually begins earlier this April. Tesla had just announced they were accepting Bitcoin as payment for vehicles — and having some digital money I had never done anything with I tried to put down a deposit on a car as an experiment. Coinbase confirmed that my 0.00166282 BTC had been transferred to Tesla's address, but somehow the transaction had timed out or failed on Tesla's side. This experiment failed miserably.

Tesla Bitcoin Deposit FAIL

The first step I took was to try to contact someone. A quick search of the internet revealed that this was going to be a challenge. Tesla has buried any form of contact information and e-mails seem to go off in to an abyss. I called my local Tesla Store who told me my order had somehow been placed with a store 500 miles away and that only they would be able to help me. When I reached out to my "home store" they knew nothing about how to help my Bitcoin deposit. I was told by a sales representative for weeks that they were trying to get an answer for me when Tesla announced they would no longer be accepting Bitcoin and the sales representative would not return my call.

Tesla Unable to Place Order

Any sane person would probably have been very upset, but I chalked it up to actually being a cryptocurrency experiment and it "only being $100". As I write this that deposit is $83 so even less of an impact. Any sane person probably would have also avoided ordering from Tesla again, but in doing my analysis recently I knew I would be back - this time with cold hard American ACH transfers.

Introducing Emotive Engineering's 2022 Model 3 Performance. Ordered on October 2, 2021, I received a phone call while at Holley High Voltage on November 14th that the car was ready for pick up. It turns out it had been at the pick up center on the 12th.

Emotive Engineering 2022 Model 3 Performance

Although much of the interior of this car will eventually be removed, I chose White on White. I would like to be able to test products to protect the interior and I know there will be some Time Attack classes that require the car have the factory interior panels.

Model 3 Performance Uberturbine

The 2022 Model 3 Performance rides on Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Elect measuring 235/35/20 mounted to 20"x9" Uberturbines. The PZ4 are 280tw Max Performance Summer tires. These rubbers are not rated particularly high against their peers, but a new set of stickier and wider tires are in this car's near future.

Model 3 Performance Trunk Badge

The first impression of this car is good. I was expecting a mess of panel gaps, but overall the car did not suffer from anything obscene apart from a slightly out of spec taillight. One pedal driving is still something I personally will need to get used to, but electric torque is a hell of a drug. And this Model 3 Performance has a lot of it. The future is electric and this electric car is in our shop now.

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