APEX SM-10 Flow Formed Wheels - 19x9 +34 - Tesla Model 3 and Y Fitment - Anthracite

APEX SM-10 Flow Formed Wheels - 19x9 +34 - Tesla Model 3 / Y

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If you visit a local track day or club race, you are bound to find loads of modified BMWs with APEX Race Parts wheels. Emotive Engineering has experience not only as a long-time customer of APEX Race Parts, but as a local supplier here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have also gotten to know the team, their emphasis on engineering design standards, and their use of modern tools to design wheels that will hold up to the abuse of track use.

Unlike other wheel companies that design a generic wheel and machine off material to meet an offset, APEX tests each specific offset specification for strength and durability. All of their wheels are designed and tested for specific applications and are officially tested and registered with Japan's VIA and meet or exceed the stringent JWL load rating requirements. All wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty and if you have a track "oopsie", APEX will offer 50% off a new wheel no matter what the damage to the wheel is. Track wheels should be considered consummables, so this is an amazing deal.

The SM-10 is a modern motorsport designed Flow Formed track wheel with I-beam spokes and advanced weight saving techniques. The Flow Forming process significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass. During the manufacturing process, rollers apply high pressure to the inner barrel, compressing the aluminum into its final shape. This effectively eliminates porosity and aligns the grain structure of the metal, which increases tensile strength. The end result is a lightweight (23.5lbs) and extremely strong barrel that equals that of a traditional forged wheel at a fraction of the cost.

The SM-10's have any excess material that doesn’t add strength carved out from the sides of the "I-beam" spokes. It also has a re-inforced inner lip to add an extra layer of protection against track berms and potholes. Full send, my friends. The SM-10 then uses the most concave face profile possible in order to combine stunning good looks with penty of brake clearance. Further material is taken out from the lug pockets to ensure your impact sockets fit without the need for special tuner lugs or thin-walled sockets.

This specific model of the APEX SM-10 was originally designed for the Mustang and has a 70.5mm center bore. APEX recommends mounting the wheel on Tesla's with their aluminum centering rings to ensure proper distribution when torqued down. Due to their unique design, these centering rings are also compatible with the awkward lip of the Model 3 Performance hubs.

The recommended tire size for these wheels on a Model 3 is 255/40R19. A 245/40R19 can be run for more efficiency or a 265/35R19 for more overall grip. For a full list of potential compatible tire sizes for the Tesla Model 3 please see our guide. Available in Anthracite and Satin Black. Price is for a set of four wheels.


  • Lightweight at 23.5lbs
  • 19x9 5x114.3
  • +34mm Offset
  • 70.5mm Center Bore
  • 1650lb Load Rating

Emotive Engineering is an authorized APEX Race Parts Dealer. If you are interested in a product not listed on the website or for APEX Wheels for another vehicle, please email us at hello@emotive.engineering.


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