G-LOC Brakes GS-1 Street Brake Pads - Model 3/Y Performance

G-LOC Brakes GS-1 Street Brake Pads - Model 3/Y Performance

Product information


G-LOC Brakes was created by racers for racers with the sole intention of providing the highest level of performance friction materials and truly outstanding customer service in the market. Only G-LOC uses proprietary Carbon, Ceramic, Kevlar, and Metallic compound formulations. G-LOC compound formulations are some of the most disc/rotor friendly compounds offered in the world with unmatched modulation and release characteristics. Furthermore, you are less likely to boil brake fluid because of the thermal barrier created with G-LOC compounds. The same cannot be said of competitors who load up their compounds with carbon and iron.

The G-LOC™ GS-1 is a high performance street compound. GS-1 produces very little dust and very little noise, while maintaining excellent initial bite and torque for street use. GS-1 has been unmatched in the industry for disc/rotor friendliness as well as its longevity. This compound's excellent performance on the street provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention. G-LOC™ GS-1 operating range starts at ambient up to 800°F (426°C). GS-1 is suitable for ALL street cars, tow vehicle, fleet vehicle, and armored vehicles. The GS-1 is NOT recommended for ANY track use.

If you have ever searched for brake pads for the Tesla Model 3 Performance, you will notice that both the front and rear pad shapes appear to be unique to the vehicle. This is where G-LOC's manufacturing expertise comes in. Most brands will attempt to take an existing pad shape and immediately add a product fitment, but G-LOC has created vehicle specific fitments for the Tesla Model 3. This listing is for street pads on the Model 3 Performance - photo shows R6 Compound pads. If you are looking for Track pads please see the G-LOC R12/R10 Pads or G-LOC Street Pads for the Base model.

Emotive Engineering is an authorized G-LOC Brakes Dealer. If you are interested in a product not listed on the website or for G-LOC Brake Pads for another vehicle, please email us at hello@emotive.engineering.


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